VIP Plan

It has never been easier to provide your pet with optimum healthcare

Budget monthly to save money on your pet's health

We're really proud of our relaunched and improved VIP Plan which now comes with a whole host of additional benefits that mean the best healthcare for your pet is more affordable than ever before. The benefits of joining your dog, cat or rabbit onto the plan include:

VIP Plan for cats and dogs

1. Budget monthly to help save money on your pets' healthcare - spread the cost over the year with a monthly direct debit.

2. Annual vaccination and 12 months flea and worm treatment (to include cover against ticks and lungworm if required for your pet) - our plan allows you to choose, in discussion with our vets, the combination of products that will achieve the desired protection for your pet in a form that is easy for you to apply, be that tablet or spot-on. We are not beholden to one drug company and are therefore not limited by the products we have chosen for you to select from.

3. FREE 6 monthly health check (when staffing levels allow).

4. Receive a FREE microchip if your pet is not already chipped.

5. 20% discount on selected long-term licensed veterinary prescription-only medications -examples include Metacam for arthritis, Epiphen for epilepsy and Vidalta for hyperthyroidism to name just a few.

6. 20% discount on dental operations and products.

7. 20% off neutering.

8. 20% off class IV therapeutic laser treatment.

9. 10% discount on Purina Veterinary Diet prescription food.

10. FREE nail clipping and other minor procedures within nurse clinics.

VIP Plan for rabbits

1. Budget monthly to help save money on your pets' healthcare - spread the cost over the year with a monthly direct debit.

2. Vaccinated against Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease, both RHD1 and RHD2.

3. Flystrike prevention annually.

4. A health check every 6 months to help keep them in top condition.

5. Microchip or £10 voucher if already chipped.

6. 20% off neutering.

7. 25% off Burgess Excel nuggets and hay.

8. Other benefits include:

- 50% off the first bag of Burgess Excel Complete food

- 25% off Burgess Excel Complete food

- 20% off selected lifetime care medications

- 10% off dental treatments

- 10% off pet shop sales and geriatric screenings

- Nail clipping

The plan is now available for any age cat, dog or rabbit for an initial one-off registration fee of just £10. Any member of staff will be pleased to help advise you.

We handle all clinical aspects of the plan in house. Direct Debit collections are administered through The Animal Healthcare Company Ltd, Victoria Road, Winchester SO23 7RG. Tel 0800 587 0068.

Prices start from £15.99 per month for a cat, one price for dogs at £17.99, and £12.99 for a rabbit.